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    Understanding Conjunctions: What They Are and How to Use Them

    Definition and Function of Conjunctions Conjunctions are connecting words that join words, phrases, clauses, and sentences together. They are essential in forming coherent and meaningful sentences in English grammar. Conjunctions are used to link similar or contrasting ideas, show relationships between clauses, and give a flow to the sentence. In essence, conjunctions help to combine ideas, making sentences more interesting…

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    Who’s vs Whose: Understanding the Difference

    How to Distinguish Between Who’s and Whose in Sentences When it comes to using “who’s” and “whose” correctly in sentences, it’s essential to understand their meanings and functions. “Who’s” is a contraction of “who is” or “who has,” while “whose” is a possessive pronoun that shows ownership or association. To distinguish between “who’s” and “whose” in a sentence, ask yourself…

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