La Petite Mort - BS000000401

Medical field stand, electric drill, pastic pipe, rubber, electric cables 2015

In 1926, Russian Marxist author Andrei Platonov composed The Anti-sexus. The work is a fictional brochure advertising an electromagnetic instrument that promises to relieve sexual urges in an efficient and hygienic manner, abolishing "the sexual savagery of mankind" and the "chaotic flow of desire" in the service of a productive society. Viewed in a contemporary context, the notion of regulating sexual desire via technologies of the body has implications relating to political, economic, and spiritual realms.

La Petite Mort - BS000000401, produced from a combination of basic electrical and medical equipment, invites the viewer to contemplate the philosophical and moral implications of such an ideology within contemporary society.

Displayed alongside La Petite Mort - Model BS000000401 are testimonials by a number of illustrious figures, from Henry Ford and Oswald Spengler to Gandhi and Mussolini. The Anti-Sexus, we are told, has many benefits and applications: it is perfect for maintaining soldiers' morale during wartime, for improving the efficiency of factory workers, for taming restless natives in the colonies. It also fosters true friendship and human understanding by taking sexual folly out of the social equation. The only deriding voice is that of Charlie Chaplin.