Another Day In My Kingdom - Gallery of Photography 2007

Another Day In My Kingdom is a collaborative project, which involves five International Aid Workers who are based in Afghanistan, Africa, Argentina, India and Palestine. Initial contact was made with the Aid Workers through an Internet Website in 2005 asking if they would be interested in working on a project with a Visual Artist. Each of the volunteers were sent a disposable camera and asked to use it to document their daily routines. The cameras were posted back and were subsequently developed. From these a selection of images were chosen and developed into a body of work. The installation and presentation of the project is lo-tech and portable in an attempt to avoid being defined as solely a 'Photographic' exhibition. The photographic images are displayed in Viewmasters, which are placed on portable 'pasting' tables. Each Viewmaster contains 7 images. Alongside the Viewmasters are censored correspondence between the artist and the aid-workers. This theme of censorship is consistent in my practice, replicating the role of media, power and political hegemony in an attempt to expand upon our understanding of circumstances and situations.

"Familiar to many from their youth, traditional Viewmaster were educational toys, which presented stereoscopic views of tourist sites, the wonders of the world etc. Here, the Potlatch Foundation presents radically different images in Viewmasters alongside censored correspondence and crudely edited video interviews. Deliberately open-ended and lo-tech, the exhibition raises questions about the politics of photographic representation. It aims to provide a space where the complex traffic of imagery between the developed and the developing world can be explored"

Tanya Kiang, Gallery of Photography Dublin.


To complete the installation there are 3 films. 

Last of the Noble 17.41 mins

Matthew Bolton is an 'Aid Expert' who has worked for several international humanitarian agencies, including Outreach International, Counterpart International and UNICEF, on five continents. He has organised Food Programmes in Iraq and a de-mining programme in Bosnia. In this deliberately crudely edited film we hear Matthew expressing his opinions on Aid Workers and the Politics of Aid Organisations. While this film is displayed in a separate space we can still hear Matthew's monologue in the main space while inter-acting with the Viewmasters. 

Shadow & Light 9.41 mins.

In this film we hear the voice of Dr.Marcello Murrillo a cardiologist at the Belgrano hospital in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Dr Marcello was one of the Aid workers who participated in the project Another Day In My Kingdom. In the film we travel through the hospital as Marcello explains his reasons for getting involved in Aid-work. The identity of Dr. Marcello is deliberately never revealed in the film. 


A History of Conflict 17.36 mins

In this film we hear the voice of Bob May, an aid-worker from Palestine. Bob was the original Aid-worker who initiated the project Mainly People I Guess in 2005, which developed into the project Another Day In My Kingdom. In the film we hear Bobs reasons for becoming an aid-worker along with his observations on the time he spent in Palestine and the effect that has had upon him. The visual aspect of this film consists of a slide show that documents the history of conflict of the Middle East illustrated by the Israeli government. The film was taken of the official Israeli government website. Again the identity of Bob is deliberately never revealed in the film.
This project aims to explore the possibilities of an art practice in the development and realisation of proposals for improving socio-political deficits, and a platform to initiate a dialogue on the possibility of achieving long-term improvements in human co-existence.

This is an organic project, open to mutation and expansion.