Nothing Is Out Of PlaceSingle channel video 2006

Nothing Is Out Of Place is an Installation of the video documentation of a Performance that took place in the gallery space of Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus, Schwandorf in Southern Germany. This work was influenced by the Bas Jan Ader piece entitled thoughts unsaid and then forgotten.

The work explores our conception of normality. Using the galleries security cameras to document the performance the film jumps from a figure seated in the gallery space, to a group moving around the halls outside the gallery. We cannot quite make out what the individual is doing. The group speaks to each other in German but we also hear a voice explaining, in French, "When you know the bad things that have happened to someone you understand their sorrow better. And when you understand someone else's sorry you understand your own sorry". The figure stands goes to the wall and writes something.

In the installation of the work we watch the film on the security monitors used in the gallery. Along with this we see a compass (used for drawing circles) on the floor by the wall. On the wall hangs a Passport photo strip obtained from a Passport photo booth, found universally in shopping centers, train stations etc. These booths are used daily by people to document themselves, usually for official documents. They are small sanctuaries were people imitate private moments within the public domain. On this photo strip we read the sentence nothing is out of place that has be written on the wall using the discarded compass. On an adjacent wall we see another photo strip. On this strip we see the figure has used the compass to gouge the words Unsaid Thoughts, whereas thoughts unsaid may be forgotten sometimes it is the unsaid thoughts the drive us to perform extreme acts in an effort to maintain a reality. The film offers an alternative approach to what most people would consider extreme behavior, asking us to question or pre-conceived notions of normality.