From Left to RightSingle Channel Video 4.40 mins 2009

From Left to Right is a 5-minute single channel video shot in Berlin. In the film we see different groups of people having their photograph taken in front of two large bronze statues. The bronze figures are Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels the fathers of The Communist Manifesto and regarded as the founders of modern communism. The figures are found in a public park in the centre of Alexanderplatz once the centre of East Berlin, where the authorities of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) created the park in 1986. In the background we see the site currently occupied by the Palast der Republik (now being demolished) and formerly occupied by the Berliner Stadtschlos, the seat of the East German government, a building laden with a controversial history. What initially looks like portraiture is in fact an inquiry into Public Sculpture and its various form of representations, its cultural role and the momentary interaction that occurs between the public in this Third Space with a comical twist.