For All Mankind - Photographic Light Stands, Kitchen Timers, Tin-foil, Nuts and Bolts 2011                                                                                               

For All Mankind is a Kinetic Sculpture consisting of multiple light stands that have been stripped back to their base metal. Tin foil dishes are mounted onto kitchen timers and these are attached to the stands. Each individual stand is wound-up every hour so on entering the space one is engulfed by the sound of ticking that marks the passing of time. In fact each dish is slowly rotating 360 degrees over 60 minutes. Throughout history mans spirit of adventure along with his creative imagination has driven him to develop technologies that have allowed him to not only explore or own world but that of the Cosmos. It is the underlying aspect of creativity that For All Mankind wishes to celebrate. While standing in the room we are well aware of something happening but see nothing in the same way that the planet turns and the universe expands without it being necessarily visible to the naked eye. It is this drive that has given us the technology to travel to the moon but has also given us the horrors of Fukishima and Chernobyl.