Six Degrees of Separation is an on‐going project that was initiated in April 2012 at the Guapamactaro Interdisciplinary Residency in the Michoacn State of Mexico.

Six Degrees of Separation consists of choosing a number of points on a map of the local area that represent a cross‐section of demographics relating to the local environment. Each day I visit those sites and document them and collect debris from the surrounding area. From this collected debris and documentation I produced a number of installations that reflect the socio‐political environment they have been collected from. It is my intention to continue developing this project by initiating it in as many different environments as possible through different residency programs. From this a book will be produced that will document the project in the most holistic way as possible.  



Territorial Revision (prototype) 2012 - Discarded chair, wood, casters and discarded burlap sack  


Small Wonder 2012 Wood, plastic, screws and discarded burlap sack  


Small Wonder (Detail) 2012 Wood, plastic, screws and discarded burlap sack



Sistema 2012 - Milk, water container, rubber pipe, household stool, milking stool and floor tiles