MonoCulture -  Wood, copper, steel, steamer and lights 2014

MonoCulture is an ambitious installation that emphasises the ecological tightrope we walk, as one component, in a much larger symbiotic relationship, using the commercialisation of the honeybee, that over the centuries has been representative of culture, politics, economics and religion, as a metaphor to represent the growth of modern society. The ecological importance of the bee cannot be underestimated and are a crucial link in a global agricultural industry. Commercial beehives pollinate over a third of the world's crops a year to say nothing of their financial significance in honeybee produce or the wild flowers they fertilise. They make decisions collectively and democratically. They stake everything on a process that includes collective fact-finding, vigorous debate, and consensus building. The hive and the honeycomb are symbols of our own attempt to create a harmonious society that can accommodate industry alongside ever-growing populations to create a healthy living environment. MonoCulture consists of a single beehive and a single over-ground 'root system', constructed from copper piping that repeats back on itself connecting back into the hive. At intermittent points throughout the day a homemade steam whistle sounds throughout the space emanating from the lone beehive adding a life and energy to an otherwise static installation. This network is representative of the systems necessary to deliver energy be it to an organism or a metropolis. At the same time this material relates both to its materiality as well as its perceived market value.