If Not You - Mark Clare

Sirius Arts Centre 21 October - 06 December


Mark Clare's sound installation turns the noise of more than 20 half-tuned radios, speakers and transmitters into an oddly soothing symphony of bleeps, blips and static. Next door, five small watercolour drawings make up the Ice Mountain series. B-15 is a pretty, blue-patterned sketch which looks like an abstract form until you read the handwritten words below: "B-15 - 295km long and 37km wide, is the world's largest recorded iceberg - larger than Jamaica." It is with such unassuming gestures that Clare seeks to jolt viewers into consciousness. This is art with a purpose. The show forms a delicately phrased apocalyptic message, drawing attention to the effects of human activity - global warming and climate change. God's Land, an animation of a burning tree projected on a flag, repeats like a mantra: the tree catches fire and burns to a black silhouette with a loud crackling sound. Cobh, the last port of call for the Titanic, is an apt setting for Clare's thoughtful show, which seeks to chime a warning bell in a gallery perched on the edge of a rising ocean.





11th Kaunas Biennial THERE AND NOT THERE: (Im)possibility of a monument  15 09 2017 - 30 11 2017






The Museum of August Destiny 

4th November -  8th January 2017                                                                                 

Pearse Museum, St. Endas Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin Ireland

The Museum of August Destiny has commissioned six contemporary artists to respond to one of six 'visions' of Irish destiny set out in the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, a century after it was written. 



I BELIEVE IN YOU (Billboard Project) 101 E 6th St., Bloomington, Indiana, USA 2014

Your Art Here is pleased to make record of I Believe In You, an art billboard by Irish artist Mark Clare, on view December 2014 - April 2015.

Clare's work explores and questions the social values within our current space and time. This work, part of a series of larger public sculptures, is a non site-specific intervention. It addresses the collective public of Bloomington's business district, as well as the individual passerby, where it becomes a more intimate gesture, leaving a ringing in the ear; a tinge of uncertainty.

The billboard refers to one of Clare's earlier sculptures by the same name. In this prior iteration, thirteen silver helium balloons spell out the message, "I BELIEVE IN YOU," and are left to float down, deflating slowly over the course of the exhibition. Like Clare's humor, there seems to be a persistent mockery of the politically correct inducing veil behind which we forget interconnectivity.